Pink Thursday


Continuations of the Curious Bird colour week challenge! Thursday is PINK…I have to admit, despite all the problems of the past few outfits, this pink one was possibly the hardest one to pick out. Not because I had no pink clothes, but because I actually have rather a lot of pink clothes! All of which I happen to love.Deep salmon knitted jumper, pale pink polka-dotted dress, pale pink lace tights, silver pumps, pearl necklace.  Great emroidery and t shirt printing services check out top banner printing.


It’s a little strange, because on the whole, I am not a pink girl. I am not one of those girls who likes pink gadgets (on the contrary, I dislike pink gadgets… what could possibly be wrong with girls having a simple black, silver or white like blokes do?!) or chooses pink as their favourite colour. I do not dislike the colour pink obviously (given the clothing scenario and also the current website layout has elements of pink to it) but I just mean to say that I’m not the girl who’ll jump up and down at the colour pink.

Additional garments:deep salmon mohair cardigan, celtic design bracelet & ring , red gloves, floral shirt. Because it was so difficult for me to decide on clothes, I changed halfway through as you can see here. At least this provides you with a slightly better view of the dress, which is indeed handmade. For my GCSE textiles coursework to be precise. I am actually rather shocked it still fits me because I swear I have grown outward since I made it (almost 2 years ago, crikey!) but according to this, I have not!

Whether you can tell fully I do not know, but the reason I ended up choosing this dress was because I was going for a 40s/50s sweater girl type look. It’s a dress I rather like in terms of shape, but the bubblegum pink colour of it puts me off wearing it lots – I think I have worn it about 3 times in the past 2 years! Which is absolutely terrible, but I refuse to pass it onto anyone else.


If only because it fits me specifically and I spent many an hour slaving over those princess seams! Maybe I should make another in some fabric I’m more likely to wear…Anyway, pink fest now draws to a close it seems. And only one more day to go! This week has gone too fast, but also slow at the same time. Always stay in trend, and have a good week!

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