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Do Water Filter Jugs Remove Limescale?

Do Water Filter Jugs Remove Limescale?

The short answer to that question is NO, there is not one water filter jug on the market, that will completely remove limescale 100%, as it’s just impossible to get rid of it 100% simply using a water filter jug, although a good water filter jug helps to considerably reduce the amount of limescale found in tap water and are specifically designed to do so.

Even if you are only reducing the amount of limescale, it’s still going to make a very noticeable difference in the way the water reacts to your kettle and pots and pans, which is where you usually find most of the limescale build up. This means you will have less limescale build up and your appliances and will last much longer.

When filtering your water though a jug, such as the latest leading models manufactured by BRITA, such as the BRITA Fun, BRITA Aluna, BRITA Elemaris and my personal favorite, the BRITA Marella, the Carbon based filters such as the micro carbon pearls found in
the BRITA Maxtra+ water filters do help to reduce the presence of limescale in drinking water considerably, which also helps to reduce limescale build up on appliances too.

In fact, all of the best water filter jugs are designed to reduce limescale to some degree (although some products will do a better job at removing limescale than others), but again, none of these filters will completely remove limescale 100%.

So there is your answer to the question, probably not the answer you wanted, but I would rather give it to you straight.

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